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Chondronest ™

Cartilage reconstruction


Chondronest ™ is a patented composition of modified biopolymers from the extra cellular matrix designed to reconstruct cartilage



The technology licensed by ChondroNest SA is designed for the in vivo reconstruction of the scaffold of the Extra Cellular Matrix – ECM – with mechanical and biocompatible properties based on the natural biopolymers of living tissues.

From our research into the field, we could not find any of the current technologies that has ever been able to address the minute reconstruction of living tissues’ scaffold in operation theatres without the use of transplantation or implantation of foreign solid pieces with rigid shape and composition.

ChondroNest™ is a paste which can be placed and shaped by the surgeon following the exact requirements of the patient and also rapidly solidifies in biocompatible conditions.

Intelectual Property

The intellectual property filed is centred on an innovative chemical approach for the modification of the proteins (Collagens, Fibronectins, etc) and Glycosaminoglycans (Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin sulphate, and so forth).

Our modification allows the coupling of Glycosaminoglycans portions or fragments with proteins or peptides in biocompatible conditions.

Next steps

ChondroNest SA is developing the application of this intellectual property for the reconstruction of Hyaline cartilage. We are aiming to conduct preclinical tests on animal models for two indications, the Osteochondritis and subsequently the Osteoarthrosis.

After the first in-man preclinical trials the product will be licensed to major MedTech companies for sales and marketing while we will retain the production of ChondroNest™ pastes.

Business opportunity

ChondroNest SA is looking for financial partners who could assist in taking the business opportunity to the next level.

Preclinical Phase


A unique business opportunity

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